Begin Again

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A Splatoon AU[1]. A human finds themselves twelve thousand years in the future, when humans are extinct and marine life has taken their place.

The story as published can be found on the Archive Of Our Own, or click below to each specific chapter.


Some cosmic bad luck and a little bit of magic resulted in a human waking up in another body, in a time where squids rule the earth. As they acclimate to their new surroundings, they find themselves on a journey to reclaim the remnants of their past, and adjust to their new life in Inkopolis.
Pearl doesn't believe in coincidence. She and her bandmate Marina, and their new friends Captain Cuttlefish, and Agents Three and Eight of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, just saved the world from humanity's creation. Suddenly all of the ancient tech falling from the sky, and the Inkling girl that seems to be collecting them, looks a lot more suspicious and sinister. Could she be connected to the human organisation 'NILS'?
Life hasn't been normal for Lily ever since she arrived in Inkopolis and touched the lives of the Agents and her musical friends. But now that things are seemingly slowing down, she has a chance to establish a new ‘normal’, turn a previous hobby into a career, and hopefully establish a few more friendships.


Page Notes

  1. Alternate Universe. Take the setting and characters, and change the story up a bit. Or... throw them into a high school. That's something that happens apparently.