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Lily Sunden
DJ, Agent 5
Species Inkling
Age 20 (Inkling years)
26 (Human years)
Gender Female
Splatoon information
Hairstyle Long tentacles
Ink Color Sky Blue (hex color #81b6e1)
Weapon Set Splattershot Jr. (Part 1 and 2)
Splat Dualies (Post-Part 2)

Lily Sunden (formerly Simon Grey) is an Inkopolis West-based DJ and tech enthuastist, as well as the New Squidbeak Splatoon's Agent 5. Originally a male human from modern day Earth (circa 2018), she was brought forward in time after experiments in portal technology from the National Institute of Life Sciences[1], and discovered in Octo Valley by Marie and Agent 4.


  • The Ex-Human
  • Is happy with her transformation, but misses her human friends
  • Quiet, introverted
  • Loves rain, even if she can't be near it
  • Generally affectionate with friends




  • In a sense, Lily is a clone of Lorne, as Lily was transformed from ink laid down by Lorne[2]. This is why their hairstyle and proportions are the same.