Begin Again/Part 1: Fish Out Of Water

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Some cosmic bad luck and a little bit of magic resulted in a human waking up in another body, in a time where squids rule the earth. As they acclimate to their new surroundings, they find themselves on a journey to reclaim the remnants of their past, and adjust to their new life in Inkopolis.

Chapter Listing

  1. Gift From The Skies
  2. The Attack
  3. Her New World
  4. Gravity's Calling
  5. Begin Again
  6. On Being Blue
  7. New You
  8. Hot Chocolate
  9. Ghosts


  • The first chapters in Begin Again were based on a self-insert series of daydreams[1]. They were first written down in a Google Document in order to save it before the thread was forgotten[2].
    • At some point I continued to add to it, as writing the doc led to thinking more about it during the day which led to more for the doc. And here we are...
  • From the chapter 'Begin Again', all of the chapter titles (up to the end of Part 2) are song titles. The songs are performed by (from 'Begin Again' to 'Ghosts'): Knife Party, The Art of Noise, DJ Real Sole, dark cat, and Nine Inch Nails.


  1. Twitter - So I daydream self-insert adventures a lot okay and I’ve been recently in the world of Splatoon a lot so here’s a huge story thread of some kind...
  2. Twitter - Might consider writing an actual fanfic for that thread from last night. Might be fun.