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The Nature of Tartar, 'Sanitized' Creatures and Spatial Distortions

The Sanitized creatures are digitally generated at will by computers controlled by Tartar. They are virtual, imperfect (green/blue) recreations of real species (Octarians mainly) given physical presence by Kamabo Co's weird distortion of physical space.

To be able to recreate an avatar of a species, a sample of the subject's tissue and blood is taken for DNA purposes, and the subject is forcibly immersed in a gel that systems generate the 3D data with. **This is a destructive process (the subject is killed during this process).**


The Metro, when the test stations were being constructed, broke into one of the Octarian habitation caves. A team was sent to investigate the situation - they were later found dead, disposed and their skin turned blue. After that, ‘sanitized’ Octolings started appearing in that area and the cave’s inhabitants were relocated and the cave sealed off.