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Squidbeat Splatitudes is a collection of electronic- and house-themed mashups of music featured in the Splatoon series from Nintendo, taking the tracks from the established fictional artists in the world of squids and kids (and octos) and shifting them into decidedly more human genres.

It was released on YouTube on May 21, 2019, and released for download on October 5, 2019.


This has been a project of mine since I fell hard in love with Splatoon 2 in May 2018. It began with a random mashup of Color Pulse (the song that plays in Inkopolis Square during a Splatfest) with Madeon's "Cut The Kid".

Since then it's expanded in scope and become a full project, the goal being to cover a decent range of music from the two games. (I'll leave that up to you to decide whether I've done good on this or not.)

Track Listing
# Artist Track Name
1 Off The Hook vs. Alesso The Kamabo Heist (Nasty Majesty)
2 Off the Hook vs. Madeon Cut The Squid (Color Pulse)
3 Squid Squad vs. Namco Sounds Twin Splattack! (Splattack!)
4 Turquoise October vs. Auralnauts Cephaloswing (Cephaloparade)
5 Toru Minegishi vs. KNOWER Inkopolis Knows[1] (Inkopolis Plaza)
6 Squid Sisters vs. Muzzy Inkstorm (Ink Me Up)
7 Turquoise October vs. Adam Freeland (for Rez) Fear and Octos in Inkopolis (Octoling Rendezvous)
8 Off The Hook vs. Deathpact and Jordan Hemenway Euphoric Hues (Acid Hues)
9 Dedf1sh vs. Imogen Heap The 8-Ball Fall (#8 regret)
10 Off The Hook vs. Hollywood Principle Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Squids and Kids (Ebb & Flow)
11 DJ Octavio vs. Love Automatic and Muzzy A Beat In The Darkness (I Am Octavio)
12 Squid Sisters vs. Tokyo Machine Calamari Hype Nation (Calamari Inkantation)
13 Squid Squad vs. Shirobon f. Sabrepulse, Ninja Sex Party and Bomfunk MCs Cool Patrol Assume Control (Splattack! (Octo))
14 DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs. Pendulum and Juno Reactor Bomb Rock Block (Bomb Rush Blush)
15 Off The Hook vs. Pendulum Octo Nightmares (Fly Octo Fly)
16 Squid Sisters vs. Axwell, Stereotronique and Daft Punk Melody Etched On The Heart (Calamari Inkantation (Octo))[2]
17 Squid Sisters vs. Porter Robinson and Madeon Memorin (Maritime Memory)


  1. This is the only track on the album with explicit lyrics.
  2. There is no unique version of Calamari Inkantation in Octo Expansion - but it does play in a specific fight...